State Chamber of Commerce B2B Email Templates

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B2B email templates were needed by this business organization in order to make it easier to produce more effective emails sent to members and prospects multiple times a year. The templates needed to be responsive, be personalized to the recipient, have a consistent look and feel, but clearly differentiate email content by topics like Compliance, Member Updates, Training and more.

The B2B email templates were designed to work with the client’s email platform, so we researched the platform needs, technical limitations and parameters before starting design. We also had to remain within new corporate brand guidelines that were being developed, so we leveraged color palette and fonts in our designs.

To incorporate email best practices, (affiliate link) we designed easy-to-view buttons for tap, click and tap-to-call. We made sure essential areas of copy and headlines all would be visible even if the recipient’s email client had images turned off. Spam words avoided in recurring copy. Subject lines and appropriate copy areas were personalized, and there was no use of CSS, to avoid problems with some email clients. In addition, each B2B email template design included a responsive ‘mobile first’ approach, with two sizes: a wider-but-still narrow desktop/tablet-compatible width, and a mobile device ultra-narrow width. Download PDF

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