I create better engagement for business

I help businesses when their Marketing creative communications aren’t doing getting the job done.  My recent focus is on building online direct marketing creative and integrated cross-media campaigns for growing companies.

Let me help you with creative that wins awards for creativity and wins clients with best-practice performance. Sometimes clients need a fresh way to address their Web audience, while other times, just some troubleshooting or focusing of design and words. I have experience with both BtoB or BtoC lead-generation campaigns. My clients have spanned automotive, financial, government, healthcare, non-profit, technology hard- and software, and more.

My work has been recognized by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Caples and other organizations who award creative excellence and performance.

Services I provide:

  • Emarketing campaign design including Email, Landing Pages, social media, ads and microsites
  • Direct Marketing Creative Direction and design
  • Coaching, speaking and workshops
  • Guest Blog-writing

Clients can count on my experience, conceptual skill, and attention to detail to help them reach their goals. In addition to covering core project requirements like tactical goals, deadline and production, I also try to look at the bigger picture of an assignment—how it relates to and respects your brand. I try to get a deep understanding of your audience and market. I pay attention to your mission-critical goals.

I love to share what I’ve learned in my life and career, which is why I also speak, write and conduct workshops on the topics of marketing communications and creative.

Work I do:

Take a look at some of my work, and please contact me if you want to view more of my work compiled into PDFs by areas of focus.

Awards I’ve won:

  • Multiple Pioneer Awards
  • Multiple W3 Awards
  • POPAI Gold Award from POPAI Marketing At Retail Association
  • Multiple Gold and Silver Marcom Awards
  • Finest Awards from Health Care Communicators of San Diego
  • John Caples Awards Multi-time Finalist
  • DMA Echo Leader, Gold, Silver Awards and 9-time ECHO finalist

Getting awards for performance is gravy on the biscuit when it comes to delivering great direct marketing creative that gets better results.

Are we a good fit for each other?

I work best with:

  • Experienced marketers facing a direct marketing challenge
  • Successful business owners who are frustrated with their online presence

I try to find interesting projects and business challenges, and try to work with business leaders who provide me with a clear picture their company goals, product or service. This allows me to better serve their brand and marketing needs, and be a better resource to them. Once I start to work with a client, I work for that one client within their competitive space, so there’s never a conflict of interest.

Have questions about working with me? Please call 626-483-2275 or contact me.