Is Print Marketing: Is it Dead? Not if you know how to use i

I participated in an episode of Xerox’s “Ask the Experts” series, presented as a Google+ Hangout. The focus of our conversation was print marketing.

…Joining me to discuss print communications and their place in todays ‘digital first’ world were Gordon Kaye, editor and publisher, and Ilana Greenberg, creative director from the magazine Graphic Design USA. The question that brought us together was, “Is print dead?” All of the experts answered confidently with a resounding “NO”. All the panelists agreed the best way to advance a brand is through a combination of both digital and print media. But each person brought a unique view about print marketing

Print Marketing in the Bigger Picture

In addition to talking about the relevance of print marketing in a bigger-picture marketing mix in the video, experts agreed on the importance of a solid Integrated Marketing Creative Strategy. Marketing Creative Strategy and Integrated Marketing are terms that get thrown around a lot today. Sometimes not as accurately as you might think.

The exchange on the video is lively and the insights from each speaker provide interesting points useful to many viewers. Even though the idea of integrated marketing has been around at least two decades, times have changed. Print marketing still has a place at the table, but that, too has changed.

Creative in Print Marketing

To get a greater understanding of where it all works today, Robyn Blakeman’s book, Integrated Marketing Communication: Creative Strategy from Idea to Implementation (affiliate link) is an introduction to developing and improving your creative across media.

And if you want to understand more about the in’s and out’s of print production, Print Production Fundamentals at (affiliate link) online video series can help you get up to speed with visual examples in a quick-paced online video class.

To learn more, watch the full 18 minute episode of Xerox’s “Ask the Experts.”

Portions of this were originally part of a post on the Anderson Direct Marketing (ADM) blog

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