Reverse Mortgage Lead Generation Direct Mail

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This reverse mortgage lead generation Direct Mail package uses the tried and true #10 window package elements that are a staple in this industry. Why do we see so much of this format? Simple. Done right, it works!

Sucess is hardly ho-hum. This is a proven winning format for reverse mortgage lead generation.

In my career, I’m often asked to test against and beat a control package with tweaks and improvements to increase response. In this case, create a test package keeping all the production specifics consistent across elements, but changing the creative and the message to test different content from the control package.

The ability to get a potential lead to take notice starts with the outer envelope and needs to finish with several consistent appeals inside the package to get the person to take action. This #10 gets initial attention using stock color (craft paper) and tease line. Then inside, in addition to a free informational offer appropriate to the audience interest helps qualify the prospects based on their interests. Download PDF

Download PDF

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