Travel Print Ads for Mexico Tourism

  • Graphic Design
  • Print Ad Design

CTravel Print Adsolorful and exciting bilingual travel print ads, used in print and as newspaper inserts, were part of a series of travel print ads designed to generate leads for the Mexico Tourism Board. Travel print ads like this are examples of how I’ve combined my travel/luxury creative experience with my bilingual and bi-cultural background. See other travel print ads and more in my portfolio.

Travel Print Ads as tactics to meet organizational strategic goals

The activities and measures undertaken by the Mexico Tourism Board aim to fulfill its Vision and Mission, which are the outcome of analysis of the domestic and international context, the experience of countries that are leaders in tourism, and the challenges involved in the promotion of tourism. In addition, a medium-term scenario of planning and the consolidation of projects and strategies has been considered so as to prepare the ground for positioning the Council as a leading organization in tourism promotion, in the context of a market that becomes ever more competitive in a globalized economy.

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