Lead-Generating Local Business Websites

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Three local business websites were needed for the owners of three local companies:

High on the list of needs for these local business websites was to make calls for service from customers smoother. Specific improvements were providing ease of navigation and mobile-friendliness. Most customers who contact them when they need a tow or are locked out of their home or business are using their smartphones to find a towing service, jump start, or locksmith. The owners of the Sanders Companies also wanted to make the sites had a consistent family look and feel. In addition, the design needed to be able to support the future addition of videos and other content to each of the sites.

A uniform CMS solution worked to tie together these local business websites

The solution for this family of local business websites was to create sites using the same master theme and feature set, but to customize the sites for each company.  A WordPress CMS and Genesis theme was selected for these sites, along with a set of high-quality plug-ins to deliver the features that mobile users want most. All these contributed to a set of easy-to-maintain and expandable websites that are playing a larger role in lead-generation.

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