Fullfillment Collateral Design for Health Insurance

  • Collateral
  • Direct Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing Campaigns to Seniors

Fulfillment Collateral Design

Fulfillment collateral design is important in support of multi-touch direct marketing campaigns. This health insurance collateral piece design for a regional company was developed to appeal to Seniors. It combined brand-supporting imagery with answers to frequently-asked questions about Medicare.

Collateral design of all types always comes with hidden challenges. In this case, there were several:

  • Make long-form copy and layout work with brand standards that were in flux
  • Comply with strict Medicare CMS communications standards that impact type, layout and visuals
  • Keep costs low by leveraging existing images from other efforts
  • Make the piece flexible enough to be used in several State regions

Fulfillment collateral design doesn’t excite every designer. but that view is shortsighted.  Fulfillment collateral is important and should never be an afterthought because arrives at a critical decision-making consideration and discovery step. The real testament to a fulfillment piece is it’s longevity. This effort was used through several annual campaign seasons. Download PDF

Download PDF



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