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This oversize B2B lead generation Direct Mail package was sent to Primary and Secondary school IT decisionmakers to motivate them to attend Webinars about IT security in the educational space. In order to stand apart from other mail the audience commonly receives, it used an oversize envelope, personalized URLs (PURLs) througout all pieces, including the envelope tease line.  The offer for attending the Webinar was a free web content audit and threat assessment. In addition, a free lunch gift card for Subway sandwiches proved to be a popular premium for respondents. An added engagement tactic was the chance to win a computer for the respondent’s school. All these elements combined to create leads who were driven by a personal, easy win, a win of business intelligence with the free content audit, and the chance of a win for the computer lab at their school.

This oversize B2B lead generation Direct Mail package was A/B tested with and without the use of PURLs, so every component was set up two ways, one with use of personalization, the other with preprinted headlines and subheads. Download PDF

Download PDF


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