About me

Hi, I’m Carlos Perez — an art and creative director, graphic designer, writer and teacher who loves design. Even more, I love helping direct marketing clients solve challenges by doing my best direct mail design work.

Carlos Perez, graphic designer

I’ve had over 28 year’s experience as an advertising art and creative director. More than half of that time, I’ve focused on creative for direct marketing and branding. I also act as a consultant on marketing strategy development.

Some great graphic designers, production managers and printers in the direct marketing industry taught me a lot about direct mail design and production. I’ve also worked with some great photographers, illustrators, and film professionals. That experience has shown me how to pull together the best resources to successfully complete projects.

My Content

For years, I’ve been providing design for clients around the World. My mission is to help busy clients by delivering more effective, best-practices creative work.

To share what I’ve learned, I write, speak and blog about marketing strategy and creative here and at DesignerOnADeadline.com. On occasion, I write about things that may not fit into one of those two exact categories, but can have a huge impact on marketing. You can find out more on my Start Here page.

My Background

I am a former agency Art and Creative Director, and freelance graphic designer. My freelance clients range from automotive and consumer goods to financial services and hi-tech, and I’ve worked on both Agency and In-house corporate sides of the business.

I began my career as an apprentice production artist, assisting art directors and graphic designers at the largest savings bank in the Country. This gave me real-world experience in graphic design, and paid my way to attend a local art institute part time.  I left the bank to become a freelance graphic designer, and started my path working as a freelancer or staffer in various ad agencies and design firms around Los Angeles, until 1989. I loved freelance work, the pay and the people, but I missed being a part of a permanent team, and was itching to learn more beyond graphic design.

I find a calling in Direct Marketing and Direct Mail

In 1989, I became an art director at Griffin Agency, a marketing agency that specialized in direct response advertising for Home Savings of America. I was fascinated by both the combination of creative leadership at the agency and the accountability that direct response advertising demanded. You knew if your creative was good by how people responded because you had numbers! What a blast! The agency became an in-house department of the bank, and few years later, I became its Creative Director.

After that, I worked for direct marketing agencies, then founded PerezWorks (Perez Company) in 1987. Since then, I’ve worked on hundreds of projects for a large number of PerezWorks agency and corporate clients.

Awards, Recognition, and Sharing

My direct mail and direct marketing work has earned regional, national and international awards. I’ve won multiple DMA Echo Awards, The W3 and Communicator Awards, Caples Awards and more. I’ve enjoyed helping others along the way in their careers, too. I’m excited to be of help to busy graphic designers with DesignerOnADeadline.

My Contact Information

You can contact me via email or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.