3 weekly reads to inspire better direct marketing creative

Better direct marketing creative — a short and sweet list of good weekly reads

I’ll keep this post short because the Holidays are upon us and we all are short on time with deadlines and to do items. Here are 3 blog/site/enewsletter resources that, while not specific to direct marketing, can help make for better direct marketing creative. I recommend them as part of your weekly read, and do so with no affiliation, commission or compensation.  I subscribe to their weekly feeds or e newsletters myself, because they provide perspective outside of what I might be working on, and have been very helpful in providing background perspective and thought-starters for creative concept development and strategy-building.  Having awareness of what’s going on in other areas of the business world outside of what I am doing, and in addition to what a client provides as input is invaluable. Enjoy!

Better direct marketing creative — read #1: Harvard Business Review

HBR.org has several blog feeds in areas of Leadership, Strategy and Innovation, Big Ideas, and more.  I like it because it provides insights on both big-picture business thinking, as well as focused business sectors.

Better direct marketing creative — read #2: Nielsen

Nielsen.com Yup, it’s the Nielsen company that’s been tracking consumers for decades, and doing a dang good job of it, too. Who doesn’t want to learn from REALLY smart people who know how to bring life to dry data. You can sign up for weekly emails featuring new research-based articles, and downloadable reports.  I like it because as a creative marketer, the research impacts my thinking and intuition. As a result, I have found I provide more sound strategies for my clients.

Better direct marketing creative — read #3: Fold Factory Fold of the Week

Foldfactory.com I lied. This IS one weekly email blast that is rooted in my direct mail designer roots. The weekly 2 minute videos feature innovative folding and finishing of mailers, brochures, invitations and more, presented by Saapi Paper and Trish Witkowski, self-proclaimed “Chief Folding Fanatic”.  I like it because the videos are short, demonstrate the user experience with the piece being featured, and go so far as to include details like quantity produced, method of production, and even a deconstruction of the piece. Very cool coffee-break viewing that beats cat videos by a long mile.

So there you have it. Three items from my secret stash that I read on fairly regular basis. I don’t mind sharing because while we may read the same article, the thinking it leads to varies with each one of us based on our experience, training and perspective.

This won’t be my last post before the end of the year, but I would still like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Holiday Season, and Happy New Year!

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